How to Get Someone Else's Cell Phone Pictures on Your Cell Phone

By Lucinda Harper

Learn how to transfer photos between cell phones.
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There are two easy ways to transfer photos or pictures from one cell phone to another. Picture messaging, also referred to as multimedia messaging or MMS, is the easiest way to transfer photos from one cell phone to another. Phones with this capability can send pictures, video and voice messages directly to another phone or e-mail address. Most cell phones now have the ability to access email. Emailing a picture file is another simple way to transfer a multimedia image, given the cell phone has this option.

Texting the multimedia file

Open a new text message to the person to which you would like to send the picture or photo.

Attach the file by choosing an existing photo or picture, or by taking a new photo. There will be an image of a camera or paper clip on the cell phone to indicate where the image can be attached in the message.

Send the text message which will now include the multimedia file.

Emailing the multimedia file

Open the email program available on the cell phone.

Compose a new message, addressed to the desired recipient of the picture or photo message.

Attach an existing picture to the body of the message. A picture file can be added like any typical email attachment.