How to Get Someone Off Your Reject List on the Samsung Captivate Cell Phone

By C. Taylor

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The Samsung Galaxy S Captivate includes an Auto Reject feature that denies calls from selected numbers in the Auto Reject List. When you receive a call from a blocked number, a notice appears that you have blocked the number, but the phone won't disturb you by ringing.

Types of Numbers

The Auto Reject List includes specific numbers that you have manually added to the list. In additional, Samsung includes an "Unknown" number by default. When this number is on the list, the Captivate automatically rejects any caller whose phone number is blocked from Caller ID.

Unblocking Numbers

Numbers on the Auto Reject List have a check box that enables the number in the list. When the check box is cleared, the phone number will not be blocked, so you can again receive calls from that number. Tap "Applications | Settings | Call Settings | All Calls | Auto Reject | Auto Reject List" and uncheck any number to remove the block on that number.