How to Find Somebody's Cell Number Online by Name

by Melly Parker
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Some people change providers or mobile plans without mass alerting their friends and associates. When you find out you no longer have a person's correct number, a little online detective work may help you find it. If a person doesn't mind his mobile number being available to the Web at large, it may be listed on personal or work websites he maintains. Not everyone's number is listed, but once you find a person online you can always contact him and ask for his number directly.

Step 1

Open your favorite search engine in your browser and type the person's name in quotation marks, like "Mark Smith," and press "Enter."

Step 2

Examine the results. If they aren't relevant to the person you're searching for, add a city or state outside the quotes to get more specialized results. For example: "Mark Smith" Pasadena. Press "Enter" to update your search results.

Step 3

Open links in the search results, especially social networking pages, personal websites, work pages and blogs. Look for About Me or Contact sections. Footers or headers may also list the person's contact information, including a mobile number.

Sign in to your social networking sites and search for the person whose number you're seeking. If you're already connected to her, scour her profile for her number. If not, send her an add request and a message asking for her number.


  • The quickest way to access a person's number on the Internet is to send him an email and ask for it. You might also check previously-exchanged emails, because some people list contact information in email signatures.
  • There are third-party search tools available online. Those tools will find the person you are seeking, but getting specific information such as phone numbers typically requires a fee.


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