How to Solve a Humming Noise on an ADT Security System

By Christina Sloane

ADT security systems may cause humming if improperly installed.
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ADT is a leading security alarm service in the United States. After choosing the ADT security system, customers enter into a contract for a fixed number of service years and technicians install alarms and/or security cameras in the home to monitor break-ins. Some ADT customers have reported problems with constant humming and static on their phone lines after having the system installed. This is most likely caused by improper installation.

Step 1

Call ADT at 1-888-238-7374 and ask them to unplug the alarm system. Your phone company can also provide this service. Unplugging the alarm will stop the humming.

Step 2

Ask the ADT technician to inspect the alarm to see if it is wired properly. Alarms may buzz or cause static when connected to indoor phone jacks instead of the outside phone box.

Step 3

Pay any required repair service fees.