How to Solve the "Runtime Error 339 Msdatgrd.ocx" Error

By David Somerset

Solve the
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Msdatgrd.ocx is a system file used by programs like Visual Basic 6.0 and FRx Financial Reporter 6.5. If the file is missing from the system directory or not registered with the operating system, you might receive a "Runtime Error 339" from Windows. If you receive this error, the program you are using will stop working and your entire system might crash. To solve the error, you'll need to repair the Msdatgrd.ocx file.

Perform a file search for the "msdatgrd.ocx" file on your computer's hard drive. Look in the "C:\Winnt\system32" or "C:\Windows\system32" folders since most system files are stored there.

Copy the file from another computer running the same operating system and service pack installation if it is not found. Paste it into the system directory of the computer that is producing the "msdatgrd.ocx" errors.

Click on "Start" and then select "Run." Enter the command "regsvr32 c:\Windows\system32\msdatgrd.ocx" or "regsvr32 c:\Winnt\system32\msdatgrd.ocx," depending on the name and path of your system folder. Press "Enter."

Reboot your computer to complete the registration of the "msdatgrd.ocx" file.