Software for Designing Wood Projects

By Steve Johnson

Software can help to plan your next woodworking project.
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Not only a hobby, woodworking design can be incredibly practical and useful. The entire process can be difficult and tedious, especially during the pre-design stage when most people attempt to imagine what the final product should look like, as well as what the hypothetical dimensions will be. Luckily, today there are many software programs that allow these pre-design phase features to come to life, helping you to plan your future woodworking projects.

Picnic Table Design Software

Picnic Table Design Software allows woodworkers to do just what they might imagine software with this name will do---design picnic tables. Created by software engineer David Eidsness, Picnic Table Design Software allows you to create a table of specified dimensions and shape and then shows you the exact number, dimensions, and types of boards you will need to construct it. All plans are constructed as based on the user's input, allowing lots of customization.

Patio Table Software

Similar to Picnic Table Design Software is Patio Table Software, available as a Zip file downloadable free of charge. It allows users to design a patio table based off of specific user inputs. Patio tables can be created to match the size, look, and feel that the user wishes. The software will then break the model down into specifics, telling the user the list of supplies that he will need.

Easycab Pro Builder 7.0

Although tables and chairs might be tricky, cabinets---especially those created with sophisticated designs---can be far more difficult. Easycab Pro Builder 7.0 allows woodworkers to calculate 50 cabinets at once. There is also a library filled with predesigned cabinet types. Features of the cabinets can be altered at the user's preference. Not only does it break the cabinet building process down into the basic board types and lengths that will be needed, it also includes an estimated pricing calculator that lets you estimate how much each cabinet design will cost. It allows a customized interface as the user can sort data and information by several categories, including "wood type," "label," "part name" and "part number."