Software for Creating Postcards

By Erick Kristian

There are many free postcard creation software options.
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Creating custom unique postcards allows the sender to share a special message with the person receiving the postcard. Depending on the level of sophistication the card requires, there are many easy to use and free software solutions. Many postcard creation software packages are offered by printers who link the software with their printing services.

Adobe Products

Adobe products, such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, can all be used together or separately to create stunning postcard designs. The draw back is the cost of this software runs about $500 to $1,000 per title and requires some training or skill to learn to use. The advantage is that the programs are only limited to the imagination of the designer. These are the tools that graphic design professionals use to create the majority of postcard designs seen in card shops. is a popular online printer and their website allows users to create custom postcards. It offers a number of templates and themes and the easy to follow step-by-step process makes creating postcards a snap for even a novice user. Vistaprint then allows the user to print the postcards and they are mailed out quickly to the customer within three days in the United States. Their pricing is competitive and there are discounts for larger orders.

Gdmdst Unlimited Printing offers a free 30-day trial of their printing software which not only designs postcards but also according to its website "labels (Tags), barcode, stickers, certificates, business cards, postcards, envelopes, invoices, bills, express bills, documents, tables, forms-making, graphics and report cover." The program requires a bit of a tutorial to use fully but a quick examination of the help file will allow most users to gain the maximum use from this software application.

Hallmark Card Studio Special Edition is offered by the well known Hallmark cards company for $9.99. The software is very easy to use and includes over 700 templates, hundreds of clip art images and tons of custom fonts. This software not only works well for postcards but can also handle most greeting cards as well. The program allows the user to customize her card and then email it as an ecard to friends or print it from a home printer or print to Hallmark's printing house.

Postcard Services is a comprehensive site that allows users to design, print and order custom and templates postcards. The company offers 5,000 4"x6" postcards for $150. Users can choose from custom art work and clip art as well as template designs. Customers also have the option of uploading their own graphics and using the site's tools to create their own custom designs.