Snap Sights Underwater Camera Instructions

By Mark Slingo

Underwater cameras can be used on land, too.
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Recent years have seen underwater photography become much more fashionable with cheaper devices available for people to capture underwater fun and wildlife. Snap Sights make a range of inexpensive cameras that can be reloaded with film and used again underwater, if cared for properly. The cameras are simple point-and-shoot devices and come pre-loaded with 27 exposure 800 ASA film. The waterproof housing must be opened to access the camera to change the film.

Point the camera at the subject. Look through the flip-up sport viewfinder to compose your shot. Press the shoot button on the right-hand side of the top panel.

Lift the safety catch on the camera lock on the side of the underwater housing. Make sure you are in a dry area.

Twist the lock counter clockwise to open it. The housing will open. Remove the camera and press the film release button on the bottom of the camera.

Wind the rewind lever on the top of the camera to wind the film in. Lift the rewind lever to release the film from the camera. Remove the red sticker from the back of the camera.

Open the back of the camera and remove the film.

Insert the new film and feed the film tip into the right-hand winding spool. Line up the film holes with the wind sprocket gear teeth.

Close the camera and replace the red sticker. Wind the rewind lever until the photo counter is on number 1.

Look at the O-ring around the inner edge of the housing. Check that it is free of dirt, sand and other debris.

Place the camera in the housing. Close the housing and twist the lock clockwise.