What Is a Snag Bar on Facebook?

by C.D. Crowder
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The Snag Bar is designed to make gaming on Facebook easier. Many popular Facebook games, such as "FarmVille" and "CityVille," require you to collect items. One purpose of the Snag Bar is to help automate the collection process so you don't have to monitor your game day and night.


The Snag Bar is a toolbar created by Gamers Unite. It installs in your browser and connects to your Facebook account to monitor all supported games that you play on the social network. As of March 2013, the toolbar works with 16 different games. The overall purpose is to help you play more efficiently without having to constantly check your news feed for game updates from friends.

Bonuses and 1-Click

One of the main purposes of the Snag Bar is to snag bonuses, such as gifts and items you would usually have to track down in individual friends' news feeds. By using the toolbar, all bonuses are collected automatically so you never miss anything. The Snag Bar also helps you avoid the time-consuming process of responding to help and friend requests for individual games: instead of clicking each request separately, you respond to all requests with a single click.

Friends, Coins and Feeds

Even if you have numerous friends listed in a game, they might not all be active anymore. The Snag Bar lets you see which friends are still playing and how recently they played, so that you only request help from active players. The toolbar also lets you shop and receive GU, or Gamers Unite, coins when you go through the Gamers Unite shopping mall or visit the stores through the toolbar, and you can use these coins for Facebook game gift cards. The toolbar also allows you to consolidate all of your game feeds in a single place; view the feeds from all supported games from the My Games Feed section.


The Snag Bar is only compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer. Gamers Unite may support Chrome in the future, but as of publication, the site does not list a release date. Note that though the toolbar does connect to your Facebook account, it is not an official Facebook application. While not an official Zynga game toolbar, the Snag Bar also works with most Zynga games.

Common Problems

A common complaint is that collected items don't appear in the gift box while you're playing the game. Gamers Unite recommends refreshing your game so collected items can be placed in your gift box. If you don't seem to be snagging all available items, it is likely that the item was snagged by another player. The Snag Bar only checks your game feeds once every minute. If you are getting items you don't want or are not getting the items you do want, check the toolbar's preferences, where you can choose what types of items and posts to respond to. If you use multiple browsers or computers with the Snag Bar, you must choose your preferences on each browser or computer.


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