What Are SMS Calls?

By Elena Isseyegh

Use the SMS call system to make cheap phone calls anywhere in the world
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An SMS call is a technological advancement that allows access to low-cost worldwide calling rates using the short message service (SMS) or text messaging through a cellphone. In addition, the SMS call allows the messaging utility of a cellphone to activate international phone calls. According to the SMS Call Trigger article on the SatelCall website, you have the option to use your cellphone, as well as any other phone by just sending a short message. The article specifically notes that any user can make "low-cost long distance anytime, anyplace, initiated from your mobile phone to any phone."

SMS Call Technology

Trigger a cheap phone call by using the SMS gateway. For example, this type of SMS could allow a less-than-one-dollar phone call to Jamaica. The technology will permit a call between any two handsets, while the keypad can either be a mobile phone or a computer keyboard. The quality of the call remains high since the SMS gateway uses a reliable telephone system. This is a great method to keep in touch with loved ones or business acquaintances when you are abroad, staying at a hotel, or whenever you are just away from home or the office.

SMS by Email

In addition to having access to a gateway for cheap phone calls, you can send short messages through emails. A more advanced gateway will allow family, relatives, friends and business associates to send an SMS back to you. Within the article on "The Secret of Making Cheap Telephone Calls," Majon International suggests a two-way communication system between email and SMS, a service that some gateways offer. In this case, there are no short time windows to bound your communication.

SMS-to-SMS Services

Use SMS-to-SMS services to send multiple messages to predetermined phone numbers or to a particular name on your contact list.

Email to Fax

Send a fax anywhere in the world (email-to-fax system) by using the right SMS gateway. This SMS service also allows the user to send Web pages to fax machines, as well as the ability to program the fax machine to receive news from a specific Web page on a regular basis.

Payment Methods

You can either pay for these SMS gateways in hard currency or by a credit card. Payment services, such as Moneybookers, can also be used to pay for these gateways. You can alternatively pay any associated fees by using a credit system. Buy credit and add it to your account or earn free credit by referring more users to the service. The last option will not only earn you commission, but it will also allow you to access cheaper phone calls.