Smartphones That Are Compatible With Microsoft Outlook

By John Granby

Microsoft Outlook is compatible with all of the latest smartphones.
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Microsoft Outlook has become the preferred email, calendar and contact solution for many companies of all sizes. When purchasing a new smartphone, an important consideration is how easily the phone can access the company’s Microsoft Outlook Exchange server so you can access your work email and keep up with all of your meetings. The good news is that all popular smartphones on the market today -- including those running the Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems -- support Microsoft Outlook.

Apple iPhones

Apple iPhones, including those running the current iOS 7, are Outlook-compatible and don’t require that any additional applications be installed on the phone. You can use the iPhone’s native email account wizard to set it up to work with Microsoft Exchange. Before beginning this process, obtain any special server information and relevant security details from your company’s IT department. Once you are connected, your Outlook email appears in the iPhone’s native Mail app, your contacts can be imported and your Outlook calendar events can be synchronized with the native Calendar app.

Android Smartphones

Android phones also have native support for Outlook email accounts. As with the iPhone, typically all that is required for setup is the specific server information and security settings for your company's Microsoft Exchange server. All of your email, contacts and calendar events will be synchronized with your Android's native email, contact and calendar applications once your account is configured. In many cases, there is no need for any special application to be installed.

Windows Phone Smartphones

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is relatively new on the market, and it should come as no surprise that Outlook accounts are well supported on Windows Phone devices. Windows Phone offers deeply integrated synchronization of Outlook email, contacts and calendar events. The close connection of Microsoft native software with both the phone and the email system allows for a smooth user experience. As with other devices, setup may require you to enter server and security settings from your company’s IT department.

BlackBerry Smartphones

BlackBerry phones were among the first smartphones on the market, and to a large extent they defined the current level of expectations users have with respect to Outlook integration. Setting up an Outlook account on a BlackBerry phone is easily done using the device’s native email account wizard along with the server and security information from your company’s IT department.