Smartphone Pros & Cons

By Jane Williams

While smartphones are incredibly convenient, they can also be incredibly frustrating.
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Personal cell phones have come a long way since their introduction in the late 1980s. What was once a simple communication device has evolved into a miniature computer, combining a video game system, camera and phone into one convenient, pocket-sized piece of technology. As these smartphones become more sophisticated and more prevalent, the pros and cons of their use become more evident and widespread.

PRO - Convenience

One of the major reasons for purchasing a smartphone is the convenience. Thanks to the built-in Internet capabilities, you can check your bank balance, pay bills and answer emails while on the go and away from your computer. Keeping in touch with friends and family is easy with the convenience of texting and the ability to update your social networking accounts. You'll never miss a meeting or forget an important date because you'll always have your schedule with you by using the calendar function. Just about everything you need to keep your day running smoothly is at your fingertips.

CON - Distraction

With great convenience comes the possibility of great distraction, however. Smartphones will alert you to new emails, text messages or comments on your various social networking sites, and the urge to check these latest updates can sometimes be too strong a pull. Accidents and injuries can occur due to these distractions, so don't respond to your smartphone's alerts like Pavlov's dogs. Resist the urge to check your smartphone the second it sounds, and when you do check, do so responsibly and only when it's safe.

PRO - Connection

Smartphones are always connected to the Internet, via a data network, mobile broadband or Wi-Fi connection. This allows you to receive updates to your social networking sites, news feeds or emails in real time, making communication practically instantaneous. You can stay on top of current events, keep business deals moving quickly or stay in touch with clients, family or friends without slowing down.

CON -- Battery Life

Ironically, the very things that make a smartphone so convenient and useful are the same things that can stop you in your tracks with a dead battery. The more apps and programs you have on your phone, the more energy it needs to perform. The more you use your phone, the quicker the battery dies. If you haven't invested in a car charger or additional adapter for charging while on-the-go, you may find yourself out of juice when it's the most inconvenient.