Slow Response on a LG TV When It Is Powering Up

By Mandy Slake

When you send a command to your LG television immediately after turning it on, it may take a few key presses before the television responds to your input. This is normal for HDTVs. The time frame varies depending on the make and model of television, with some TVs having a delay up to 20 seconds.

Identifying Power on Delay

When you turn on the television, try sending a command using the remote control immediately after powering it on. For example, change the volume setting, switch to a different input or attempt to change channels. Measure the time period between the moment when the television comes on and when it finally responds to your input. This time frame is known as "power on delay."

Power on Delay Purpose

During the power on delay time frame, the television is busy with the processes it needs to perform correctly. These functions include diagnostics checks, detecting input sources, scanning for available channels and launching applications. There is no way to reduce the power on delay, but you can work around it.

Power On Delay Issues

Most people only notice power on delay when they are using a programmable remote that can control multiple devices at the same time, using macros. For example, a macro capable remote control can turn on the television, switch the input source, and turn on a DVD player by pressing a single button. Unless you instruct the remote to account for the TV's power on delay, it will send the command to switch the input too soon. The television and DVD player will turn on, but the TV will not switch to the correct input.

Working Around Power On Delay

If you are using a normal remote, just wait a few seconds before attempting to change the settings. If you are using macros on a programmable remote, you need to enter the delay setting in the remote control. Depending on the make and model, you need to enter the delay into the remote directly or enter it into programming software using a computer. Some remotes have programming that can only be changed by professional installers. Check the manual for your remote control for specific instructions. Set the power on delay for 20 seconds and test the remote settings by turning off the LG television, then pressing the macro button. If the television responds as it should, reduce the delay until you find the correct timing.