How to Slipstream a Vista SP2

By Jason Spidle

Slipstreaming is the process of combining the Windows installation disc with updates released by Microsoft to create a new installation image that includes all the latest features. In the past, slipstreaming Windows with service packs was a difficult and highly technical procedure. But with Windows Vista and an easy-to-use free program called vLite, you can easily create a Windows Vista installation disc with Service Pack 2 included.

Step 1

Insert the Windows Vista installation disc.

Step 2

Download and install vLite. Find a link in Resources.

Step 3

Launch vLite.

Step 4

Click "Browse" and select the Windows Vista installation disc and then click "Apply." The program will now copy the Windows Vista installation files to the local disc so that it can integrate the service pack.

Step 5

Select the edition of Windows Vista you are using once the copy process is complete (this should be noted on the Windows Vista installation disc).

Step 6

Select "Service Pack Slipstream" and "Bootable ISO" from the "Tasks" tab and then click "Apply." This will combine the Windows Vista installation with Service Pack 2. This process will take approximately one hour.

Step 7

Eject the Windows Vista installation disc once the slipstreaming is completed.

Step 8

Insert a blank DVD.

Step 9

Select the ISO tab and click "Burn" to create your new Windows Vista installation disc.