How to Get a Free Skype Number

By Dan Howard

A Ring2Skype phone number functions exactly the same way your normal phone number works with Skype.
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Skype is a popular, free online service for placing and answering telephone calls using a computer or other Internet-enabled device. You can set up Skype to receive personal phone calls on your computer. If you want to set up a new phone number for use with your Skype account, you can use the Ring2Skype service to get a free phone number in 100 metropolitan areas worldwide.

Step 1

Go to the website.

Step 2

Type your Skype user ID in the top field in the form on the main Ring2Skype page. This is the user ID that you enter when signing in to your Skype account.

Step 3

Type your email address and password in the appropriate fields in the form. You must provide a valid email address, as Ring2Skype will send your new phone number to that email account.

Step 4

Select the country and region for your local phone number from the drop-down menus.

Step 5

Click the "Terms and Conditions" link and read the terms and conditions of use for the Ring2Skype service. Click the checkbox next to "Accept terms and conditions."

Step 6

Type the characters in the large box into the "Your Answer" field and click the blue "Get your number" button.

Step 7

Go to the email inbox that you provided to the Ring2Skype service and open the email from Ring2Skype. The email contains your Ring2Skype phone number. All calls placed to this number will ring to the Skype account that you provided during Ring2Skype signup.

As with any other Skype phone number, you can subscribe to the Skype voicemail service for missed calls to your Ring2Skype phone number. You can subscribe to the service for a monthly fee at