Skype Keeps Closing Unexpectedly

By David Nield

Skype is owned by Microsoft.
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For businesses that use Skype's video calling software, problems with the program can hit productivity, customer and client relationships -- and profits. To fix the problem as quickly as possible, you need to identify the root cause -- a recent hardware or software change might have had an impact on Skype's operation, for example. A number of simple troubleshooting steps can help you resolve the problem and get Skype running smoothly again.

Program Issues

If Skype keeps closing on you, it's possible that a core part of the application has become damaged or an essential file has been erased. The easiest fix for this is to uninstall the program before downloading and installing the latest version from the official website ( -- this process replaces any files that have been deleted or corrupted, applies the latest fixes and patches and improves compatibility with the other hardware devices and software tools on your system.

Webcam or Hardware Issues

If you've recently started using a new webcam or installed another hardware device, it's possible that this is causing Skype to crash. Ensure the webcam or other device is fully and firmly plugged into your PC or laptop and download the latest hardware drivers from the manufacturer's website. It is also worth checking for the latest drivers for your motherboard and sound card, which again can be found via the manufacturer's website. Installing the newest drivers ensures maximum compatibility with the other devices and software on your system.

Third-party Software Issues

Another possibility if Skype is closing unexpectedly is that a third-party application is interfering and causing problems. If the issue began occurring after a recent software change, this could be the root cause. Shut down any background applications that aren't required while running Skype -- in particular any that may be accessing the sound card or webcam or may be using up large amounts of bandwidth. If you identify a troublesome program, check the developer's website to report the bug and check for any recent updates that may solve the issue.

General Issues

Other troubleshooting steps you can take if Skype is closing include ensuring that the latest Windows updates have been downloaded and installed. Also, Check that your installed firewall is configured to allow Skype to operate, and ensure the software is not running in compatibility mode. Windows' built-in System Restore tool can be used to roll back the operating system settings file to an earlier version if you suspect that recent Windows changes might be preventing Skype from working normally.