How to Find My Skype ID

By Amber Viescas

You can find your Skype ID by looking on Skype's website.
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A Skype name is a unique ID that is associated with a specific Skype user account. Although you can change the full name associated with the account, you cannot change your Skype user name. Multiple people cannot share a Skype user name, even if they share a full name, making a Skype name a foolproof way of identifying a person on Skype. However, unlike other instant messaging programs, Skype lists your actual name rather than your Skype user name in front of your posts, so if you've enabled automatic logins, it takes a bit of searching to find.

Step 1

Go to the Skype website, then click "Sign in" at the top.

Step 2

Click "Forgotten your Skype Name?" underneath the Skype name text field.

Step 3

Enter the email address you used to create your Skype account. Click "Get Skype Name."

Step 4

Check your email for an email with the subject "Your Skype Name token." Open the email, and click on the temporary code link. You'll get your user name.

Step 5

Click the second link if the first does not work. Then on the next page, enter the code from the email where prompted.