Skullcandy Headphone Problems

By Alana Armstrong

Skullcandy headphones are known for they style, function and a few key problems.
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Skullcandy offers a range of headphone styles that are compatible with MP3 players, home audio, computers and video games. Like all headphones, however, they are known to develop specific problems, prior knowledge of which could help you prevent them.

Sound on One Side

If sound comes out of one side of the headphones but not the other, the problem is with the cable wires. This typically occurs over time, not when the headphones are new.

Sound Quality

According to Fortune Tech, "Skullcandy headphones are not the type you will hear audiophiles gushing about." Complaints about sound quality vary between the different styles of Skullcandy headphones, so test drive a pair before buying them.


Static could be a problem with your headphones or with your audio device output.
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If your Skulldcandy headphones give off a static crackle or hiss, it may be a problem with the headphones, but it may be a problem with the output on the audio player or device they are plugged into instead.


According to Scullcandy, Bluetooth products are not completely compatible with all devices. The headphones play only Mono, even if the audio device emits stereo sound. Additionally, they are completely incompatible with third-generation iPods, iPhone 3G and iPhone 4.