How to Decide What Size Monitor to Buy for a Computer

by Contributor

Looking for a new monitor for your computer? Larger and better quality monitors can be connected to any computer. However, with so many sizes and brands available, how do you decide what size monitor to buy? Here are some guidelines.

Consider the space you have for a larger monitor. This will help in assessing the size range you'd like to zero in on. Note that the displays are measured from one corner to other diagonally. The actual screen would be one or two inches less the mentioned size. For instance, the screen of a 17-inch monitor is less than 17 inches.

Note that there are different sizes of larger monitors available in the market. These range from 17 inches to 29 inches (a standard monitor is 15 inches). Some monitors are over 30 inches. For normal usage, monitors of 17 inches to 19 inches are ideal.

Assess the distance between the monitor and your chair. With larger monitors, this distance should be ideally more compared to standard monitors.

Check the resolution and setting. Bigger monitors have high resolution. Some monitors allow you to decrease the resolution when required. Resolution is based on the number of pixels that occupy the entire screen. Remember a higher resolution will give you a sharper picture.

Check out of the refresh rate of the monitor. It refers to the number of times the screen is redrawn. This will depend upon the resolution of the monitor. A minimum refresh rate should be 75 Hz for a resolution of 1024 x 768 is necessary.

Go in for the monitor that doesn't strain your eyes. This is more likely as the screen size increases.

Decide on the cost factor. The bigger the monitor, the higher the price.


  • check Remember that the prices will vary from one brand to another and the size of the model. It is always a good idea to compare prices before you buy. Besides, you should also look for deals on large monitors.


  • close Avoid sitting too close to a large monitor. This will strain your eyes.

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