How to Get Your SIP Phone Number

By Nicole Schmoll

Find out how an SIP number helps you communicate online.
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SIP is an abbreviation for "Session Initiation Protocol." It is an Internet protocol used to begin or end live video or voice data sessions online. SIP connections can transmit voice, video and email data from one user to another. SIP connections are commonly used by VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, services as a way of allowing people to have a telephone conversation over the Internet. Getting an SIP phone number requires obtaining an SIP address, then using that with an existing phone number.

Create an account with an SIP or VoIP service provider such as, or

Install the VoIP or SIP provider's softphone software onto your computer. Understand that the softphone allows you to make and receive calls over the Internet from your computer.

Write down the number you receive from the provider when you sign up for service. Alternatively, if you already have SIP service but have misplaced or forgotten your SIP phone number, get it by launching the softphone program on your computer. Press the "*" or asterisk button on the softphone screen twice to hear your SIP number repeated back to you. Write this number down in a safe place where you will not lose it.

Use your SIP phone to make calls to other SIP phone numbers or to any telephone number worldwide or to forward phone calls from anywhere worldwide to your SIP phone.