Sims Games to Play Online Without Downloading

By S.L. Wolfinger

Facebook and other social networking sites are becoming popular hosts of all sorts of free simulation (Sim) games. The convenience of not having to download games, in addition to being able to share your stats and progress with your friends, is alluring to those who might be sitting at work or at home with time on their hands.


FarmVille, a simulation game that revolves around a farm and acquiring animals, plots of land and crops, as well as interacting with other farmers, has become one of the most popular games. With information posting to the news feed section of your page, farmers all over Facebook can see your progress and plight with each update. A new feature that allows players to capture game images allows other gamers to share crop layouts, animal parades and other quirky scenes.

Restaurant City

Restaurant City, a fast-paced game that simulates owning your own restaurant, is also available on Facebook and for free, without a download. Users who play on Facebook can trade food with each other, post want ads for certain ingredients and set up challenges. Invite friends to work in the restaurant, design its layout, and keep the business afloat.

Pet Society

Playfish also offers Pet Society, a quirky little sim game based on animal avatars, neighborhoods and more. Play games within the game, set up your house, design your character, and be on your way. Pet Society is also available on Facebook, MySpace and Bebo, allowing for more platforms so that friends can join your customized simulation world, too. You can also take a step out of the virtual world and assist the World Wildlife Fund by making choices in a game.