SIM Cloning Tools

By Sean Russell

SIM cloning tools copy SIM card information.
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SIM cards grant access to cell phones on the GSM network and store vital information about the phone, the user account and contacts. A SIM card that is damaged, lost or stolen can mean lost contacts, lost time and, in business, lost profits. Fortunately, there are several SIM cloning tools that make a copy of a SIM card to use as a replacement.

Datopal 12 in One SIM Card Cloner

This SIM card cloner is an attachment that plugs into the USB port of any PC. It has one data port that is designed to fit several different SIM card sizes, and it supports SIM cards with 32k to 64k GSM SIM V1 formatting. The Datopal device reads several types of SIM card, but writes to a special SIM card that can hold the information of up to 12 different SIM cards on its single chip. The data can then be selected and used in any GSM phone. Although the Super SIM card can be used on the same network as a service provider-issued SIM card, using the same number on two phones at the same time can cause problems with the number, up to and including being locked out of the phone number by the phone's service provider.

Multi Slots USB 2.0 SIM Card SD MMC Card Reader Writer

As the name suggests, this SIM card cloner has multiple slots, allowing for simultaneous cloning and transferring of SIM information from one card to another. This cloner connects to the computer using a USB 2.0 input. It features 480 Mbps transfer rates, and comes with a software CD with step-by-step instructions on how to clone, back up and transfer SIM card information such as phone books, network passwords and other important SIM information. The dual slots on this SIM cloner fit four different types of SIM card configurations.

Techie Warehouse SIM Card Backup

The SIM card reader, writer, cloner and backup device offered by Techie is an all-in-one SIM card cloner that operates independently from the computer. This backup device requires no software installation and is small enough to fit in a pocket. The memory in the unit can store up to 500 SIM cards, which can then be transcribed to a new SIM card in the event of accident or theft. The device, which is compatible with all types of SIM cards, features a status display and a four-button control panel.