Signing in Undetected on Facebook

by Aaron Wein

When signing in to Facebook, your friends are alerted to your online status through the Chat sidebar. When logged in, a green dot appears next to your name, indicating you are available for chat. While his feature can be convenient for staying in touch with friends via instant messaging, it also can be an annoyance if you wish to remain undetected. Turn off chat to stay hidden while browsing Facebook.

Step 1

Sign in to Facebook and click the "Chat" button at the bottom right to maximize the Chat sidebar. This sidebar may already be opened depending on your settings.

Step 2

Click the gear-shaped icon at the bottom right of the sidebar.

Click "Turn Chat Off" from the context menu. Chat will remain off every time you log in until your turn it back on.


  • Appear online again by turning chat back on. Click the gear-shaped button and click "Turn Chat On."
  • You can appear offline to specific people by clicking "Advanced Settings" from the gear-shaped menu. Type people's names into the "Turn on chat for all friends except" or "Turn on chat for only some friends." Click "Save."

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