The Signature Capture on an iPhone

By Julius Vandersteen

You can sign documents with your iPhone.
i Oli Scarff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you have an iPhone, you can capture a signature while you’re on the go. Apple’s iPhone has a 3.5-inch touch-sensitive display, which you can use to make signatures by pressing a finger against the glass. The iPhone doesn’t have a native app for capturing signatures, so you’ll need to get a third-party signature app from Apple’s App Store.

DocuSign Ink

DocuSign Ink is an app for the iPhone developed by DocuSign. It enables you to import documents from apps, including Apple’s native Mail app, as well as with the built-in camera. After you sign the document, you can send it to someone by email or upload it to a drop box on the Internet.


Glykka’s EasySign app for the iPhone enables you to sign documents like tax forms, contracts and non-disclosure agreements, as well as capture signatures from other people on the same document. It works with a variety of documents, including files saved in text, PDF or Microsoft Word formats.


RightSignature is an app for the iPhone made by RightSprite. You can use it to zoom in and pan your digital documents to get a closer look, then sign them with your finger. RightSignature works documents that you store online with services such as Salesforce, FreshBooks and Google Docs. If you aren’t pleased with your signature, you can shake the iPhone to erase it and then sign it again.

Sign Here

LexAlign Applications’ Sign Here app for the iPhone comes with a variety of legal and business document templates, including non-disclosure agreements, receipts, promissory notes, bills of sale and lottery pool agreements. After you create a document, use LexAlign to sign it with your finger, and then transmit a copy via email.