How to Sign Up for a Windows Live Email Account

by Chelsea Hoffman

Windows Live is a group of software and applications put together as a collective, produced by the Microsoft Corporation. Including messengers, email applications and many other utilities, Windows Live's Internet products make surfing the web an easy and hassle-free process once you obtain a Windows Live ID. Signing up for a Windows Live ID makes downloading your email account and other applications a quick process.


Open your Internet browser and go to the Windows Live homepage and locate the "sign up" option. Alternatively, you can bypass all of this by typing "" directly into your browser's address bar. The browser should immediately load the Windows Live ID sign up page.


Locate and click on the part of the form, near the top, where it says "Get a Windows Live e-mail address." This should be located directly beneath the space where it says to fill in your own email address. The form will immediately change to allow you to create a new email address for Windows Live.


Create a Windows Live ID of your choice and enter it into the space before the @ symbol on the form. A username for Windows Live can contain letters and numbers.


Choose a mail server by clicking the drop-down menu located directly after the @ symbol on the form. You can choose either Hotmail or as your mail server and address tag.


Click on the "check availability" button located beneath where you filled in your desired Windows Live ID to check if the name is available. If the name has already been taken, come up with a new one or slightly different one, and repeat the checking process until your Windows Live ID is available.


Choose a secure password containing a minimum of six characters. A strong password contains both upper and lowercase letters with numerals throughout.


Follow the steps to fill out the rest of the form by providing your name, region of residence and date of birth.


Fill in the captcha code to authorize that you are signing up for the email account, and click "I agree." The signup process is complete, and you are now able to take advantage of all of the services Windows Live has to offer, as well as a free email account.

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