How to Sign Into Verizon Email Remotely

by Contributor

Email addicts never want to be too far away from their favorite form of communication. If the Verizon Company is your email provider, you can access your account from any Internet-connected computer. The following information will guide you through this process.

Access the Verizon email site. If you go to, you will access the Verizon Central website where you can directly access your email. If you enter, you will be taken to the Verizon company's main page. It is more steps to sign in from the company page, but if you wish to use it, click "Search" at the top-right corner, then enter "Verizon online email" into the search line and fill in all of the other required information including your state, type of service and the area code and exchange of your phone number.

Sign in. If you have gone directly to the Verizon Central page, go to the Communications Center box in the center of the page, click "Sign In." You will then be asked for your Verizon username and your password. If you have used the Verizon company main page, you will need to enter your full email address and password. Either way will sign you into your Verizon account.

Read and answer your email. If you have signed in through Verizon Central, you are given several choices in the Communications Center box to access your email. You may now click "Check My Email," "Compose," "Email Tools," "Addresses" or "Calendar." When you get to this box, you're logged in and ready to use any of these features. If you have gained access through Verizon's main website, after you are signed in you are taken directly to your inbox and can access all other features through the options on the left-side bar.

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