Free Sign Up Games for Girls

By Cee Jay

Some games are best played by girls.
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Many sign-up games are available on the Internet, typically targeted towards a specific age group. Some games are aimed at kids while others are adults only. It's not often you find online games targeted at females only, but the ones that do are designed for the girliest of girls.

Barbie Girls

Barbie Girls features a virtual world “Designed by Barbie.” You can create your own character, design a room and play games to earn B(Barbie) bucks. Throw parties for friends and visit the rooms of other users. VIPs access items like exclusive fashions, games, makeup and hairstyles. VIP status purchase is not necessary to sign up (see Resources).


Meez is an online community where you create an online representation of yourself (see Resources). It's a 3D avatar that you personalize to look just like you. Meez games require the installation of Java and Flash. Earn Meez Coinz by being successful in each game. The coins are Meez currency, used to purchase premium items. These items are identified by a tiny pink coin icon and can range from clothing or gifts to give to her other users. Coinz are also available for purchase by PayPal or credit card.


Stardoll is a fashion community where you choose a “doll” to design in detail. It's like an electronic version of paper dolls with the added ability to choose famous dolls, such as Rhianna and Justin Bieber. The dolls, called MeDolls, can socialize with other star dolls to make friends. Girls can even join online clubs and host parties on the website (see Resources).

Girl Games 4 U

Girl Games 4 U offers many girl games in categories like: adventure, cooking, dancing, skill and dress-up (see Resources). The games are Flash-based with new games added often. Each game begins with the game description or summary, which details the instructions and hardware used to control the game. A rating system that rates games between one and five stars helps to filter those that are worth playing.