How to Sign a PDF With a Wacom Tablet

by Anthony Bonesarelli

Wacom develops a tablet PC that relies on a stylus-based interface, allowing pencil-like interaction with documents, applications and webpages. With the stylus, you can browse many of the same functions as a typical PC, except with the added functionality of physical writing on pages. Portable Document Formats (PDFs) are accessible on the device as well. Although these devices are traditionally printed before signing, you can use the Wacom tablet's stylus to sign a document in Adobe, a free downloadable software.

Step 1

[Open Adobe Acrobat]( or Reader. Tap to select "File" and open the file you want to sign.

Step 2

Tap to select "Advanced" and click "Sign & Certify."

Step 3

Select the "Apply Ink Signature" option to enable the Pencil tool.

Locate the signature field on the document and write your signature on the appropriate line.


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