How to Sign a PDF Form

by Terrance Karter

If you make a PDF form, you can easily sign it using the PDF creator software. But if you didn't make the form and have simply opened it on your computer, signing it is more of a challenge. If you need to sign such a form, the best thing to do is print the PDF and rescan it. Once you've done this, you can send the signed form back where it belongs.


Open the PDF in your PDF writing software. This should be a version of Adobe Acrobat that allows you to create and save documents as a PDF. Use the "signature" option at the top of the screen to sign the PDF before you save it again.


Open the PDF in regular Adobe, or your regular PDF reading software if you don't have the PDF writing software. Print the PDF as it currently is on your home printer.


Sign the printed PDF with a pen. Then scan the signed PDF and save it on your computer. You can print it once again, send it through email, or even upload it to a specific website.

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