How to Change the Sign On Password on a Computer Without Knowing the Original

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If you want to change a computer's sing-on password without actually knowing the original password, then today's your lucky day. You don't need to be computer savvy to do this.

Step 1

This is considering you know the ethics of privacy. Please do not use this against anyone. Okay, now that that's over with, here's how to change the sign-on password to a computer without knowing the original password...

Step 2

Go to the start menu, then click on "run" (the command program). Type in "cmd" (without the quotes). Once the command window comes up type in: "net user"

Step 3

After you type in "net user" it will list the user names of the computer. You want to type in "net user" and the user name after it. So if the username was Maya you would type in: net user maya.

After this it should say on the command window "you may change your password". To change the password type in what you typed in the previous step but this time add the password to the end. So if my password were abcd I would type in : net user maya abcd. Hope this helped if anyone forgot their password for other user names!


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