How to Sign On to an OWA Domain

by Lysis

Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a package included with Exchange that allows administrators to give access to user's email through a web browser. The interface looks the same as a regular Outlook window except it's on the Internet. If your administrator has setup OWA on the network, logging into your email account is similar to an Outlook credentials screen.

Open a browser window and enter the address of your company's OWA website. This website address is supplied by the network administrator. For most companies, the location of the OWA is

Select "This is a private computer" if you're using a private computer. Select "This is a public or shared computer" if the computer is shared. If you choose "private," the session stays open longer, where a public computer connection will time out quicker.

Check "Use Outlook Web Access Light" if the Internet connection is slow. A light version has less options, but it is more efficient on slow networks.

Enter the email username and password into the text box to login. This is the same username and password used when logging into Outlook from the office. Click the "OK" button and OWA opens your email.


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