How to Sign Out of Netflix Account on Wii

by Melly Parker
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Netflix has more than 36 million members in 40 countries; devices from smartphones to game consoles to laptops all have the ability to access the service. Your Netflix account is saved on your Wii; it's impossible to sign out of the account and sign back in to another one. However, you can remove your Netflix data from the game console and deactivate the current Netflix account. After you've deactivated the account on your Wii, you can open the Netflix channel again and sign in with a different account.

Step 1

Select the Wii icon on the Wii home screen.

Step 2

Choose "Data Management," and then choose "Saved Data."

Step 3

Select "Netflix," and then choose "Erase." When the prompt comes up to ask whether you want to remove your data, click "Yes."

Press "Back" until you reach the Wii home screen again.


  • Once you've removed your account from the Wii, you will no longer be able to use the Netflix app until you sign in with an active Netflix account.


  • To use Netflix again, click on the Netflix channel and sign in with your active Netflix email username and password.


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