How to Sign in on Msn.Com

By Chris Miksen

The MSN homepage serves as a portal for breaking news, Hotmail, MSN Messenger and the Bing search engine. Before you can access most MSN services, you must sign in to your MSN account. The "Sign in" button is considerably smaller than everything else on the MSN homepage, so you may not notice it when the page first appears. To sign in, you can use either your Windows Live ID or Hotmail address.

Visit the MSN website. Click "Sign in" at the top right of the page, underneath "Welcome to MSN." You will be redirected to the Windows Live login screen.

Enter either your Hotmail email or your Windows Live ID in the "Windows Live ID" text box to the right. Type your password in the "Password" text box beneath the ID box.

Click the check box next to "Remember me" and "Remember my password" if you would like to automatically log in each time you visit the Windows Live login page. Click "Sign in." You will return to the MSN homepage. Click "Hotmail" to access your email.