How to Sign Into Instagram When It Says Exceeded

by Geoff Whiting

Instagram returns a “Rate Limit Exceeded” error if you or one of your apps makes too many requests such as posts, comments, follows or links to third-party sites and applications. Instagram prevents you from signing back in when you get this error. However, because the error is often tied to specific apps or device settings there are changes you can make to be able to sign back in.

Third-party Access

Instagram’s terms specifically state that they will rate limit or block applications that make a large number of calls or requests. This limit impacts both the app and your account. One way to remove the limit is to remove third-party applications that are tied to your account. Removing apps has proved especially effective for users with a Windows Phone application tied to their account because Instagram began blocking many of these applications in July, 2013.

Changing Connections

Multiple smartphone users have reported that changing their phone’s connection settings allowed them to sign in after receiving the rate-limit error. Turn your device’s Wi-Fi setting off and then back on and connect to a Wi-Fi network. Next, sign on to Instagram through either the official app or its mobile website. Users say the fix allows access until they choose to log out.

Reset Your Password

Resetting your Instagram password can get around the rate-limit error as well. Use the service’s website to reset your password. Instagram will email you a link to create a new password. This works because it stops all outside services from accessing your account. For example, an app or other service that was malfunctioning and performing multiple actions from your account can no longer make requests if it does not have the proper password.

Software Checks

Instagram recommends checking your operating system and app version to make sure they are up-to-date. Using the latest versions resolves many problems, and users specifically say it can address the rate-limit error. If you are running the latest version of the app or it doesn't properly update, uninstall it from your smartphone and reinstall it. Reinstallation has also been reported to fix the rate-limit issue.

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