How to Sign In to a Comcast Email From a Remote Location

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Logging in to your Comcast account email remotely is super easy and very convenient. This allows you to check your email and send messages from anywhere you can access the Internet. This can be done at a public library, the office, school and while on vacation. Read on to learn how to sign in to your Comcast email from a remote location.

Step 1

Use a computer with Internet access. If you don't own a computer you can access one at a local library or coffee shop.

Step 2

Open your favorite Internet browser.

Step 3

Type in "Comcast" in the search engine field and press "Enter." Click the appropriate link. The website that you are re-directed to is the Comcast homepage where you can read news reports, look for jobs and search the FAQs.

Step 4

Click on the "Mail" icon that appears across the top of the website.

Step 5

Enter your personalized user name in the box labeled "User Name" and your password in the box labeled "Password."

Step 6

Click on "Sign In."

Step 7

Refresh your email by clicking on the "Get email" icon in the upper left hand corner of the computer screen.

Send email by clicking on the "Compose" icon located beside the "Get mail" icon. This will allow you to send email from a remote location.


  • To save your sent emails be sure to click in the box beside "Save a Copy to Sentmail" in the compose window.
  • Refresh "Get Mail" frequently, since the website does not do this automatically.

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