How to Sign Into Chat Rooms

by Ian Moore

Before instant messenger and social networking sites, there were chat rooms. These are sites where you can meet and chat with people about certain topics and ideas. Today, chatting has become an acceptable form of communication and even dating. Unfortunately, it is still possible to run into danger while in a chat room. By following a few simple guidelines you will be able to sign into a chat room in no time.

Find a chat room service. Sign into Yahoo Messenger and go to "Messenger > Yahoo Chat > Join a Room" to enter Yahoo Chat. Go to a website that has a list of chat rooms such as Chat Avenue (See Resources) if you do not have this program. A website will also have a larger selection of rooms.

Find a specific room based on your interests. Chat rooms are organized by interests, locations, beliefs, sexuality, opinions, and much more.

Choose an alias. This will be your chat room user name. Select one that does not contain your full name or phone number. Make it reflect who you are but not in a negative or sexual way. The user name will be your email address if you are using Yahoo Chat.

Introduce yourself. In most chat rooms it is a polite and common gesture to state your age, sex, and location, or ASL for short. Even though this is completely optional you may find it difficult to chat and relate to people one on one without it.

Start or join in on a topic. Answer questions that you feel comfortable with and find someone else in the chat room to whom you can talk. Address the person's user name in the message to state your interest in them.


  • check Exit the chat room the moment you feel uncomfortable.
  • check Some chat rooms may enforce an 18-year-old age limit.


  • close Never reveal any personal information.

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