How to Shut Power Saver Off on a Sony Bravia

By Kathryn Hatashita-Lee

Bravia's Eco settings allow you to adjust the power saving mode.
i Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

When your TV’s power saver activates and interrupts a program you are viewing, you can opt to disable this function. Although your Sony Bravia features an Eco setting to help reduce power consumption, some viewers may feel frustrated when the screen suddenly dims during standby. Your Sony remote control lets you adjust the Eco options that affect your screen display and your view.

Step 1

Press the “Power” key on the remote control and then press the “Home” or “Menu” button to display the Home Menu on the screen.

Step 2

Press the arrow key to navigate to the Settings category and press the “+” key to open this category.

Step 3

Press the arrow key to navigate to the Preferences category, press “+”to open the list. The Preferences icon displays a three-drawer file cabinet.

Step 4

Press the arrow key to navigate to the “Eco” link. Press “+” to confirm and open the Eco list.

Step 5

Press the arrow key to highlight the Power Saving item.

Step 6

Press “+” to open the Power Saving menu.

Step 7

Press the arrow key to select the “Off” item and then press “+” to confirm the Off setting.

Step 8

Press the “Home” or “Menu” button to return to the screen.