How to Shrink an iPhone Screen when It Is Blown Up Big

by Tom Rudderham
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For those with visual impairments, both iPhone and iPad include an accessibility feature called Zoom. When turned on, it enables the user to increase the screen size by up to 500 percent, and then pan using three fingers. While zoomed in, it’s still possible to use other accessibility features including VoiceOver and Bold Text. As a result, Zoom can be a important tool if you struggle to see small objects and fine detail.

However, when the Zoom mode is enabled, it can be quite frustrating to use or disable -- especially if you’ve never used the feature before.

Turn Off Zoom

Step 1

Double-tap the screen using three fingers. If it’s already zoomed in, then the screen will zoom back out to show the default zoom level.

Step 2

To turn off Zoom mode, open the” Settings” app, tap the “General” button and then tap “Accessibility.” You’ll see an option called “Zoom.” Tap on it and then de-toggle the off/on switch.

Alternatively, if it’s just text that is enlarged, tap the “Large Text” button in the Accessibility settings menu and then select “Off”. This reverts all font sizes to the default value.


  • The information in this tutorial is relevant to iOS 6. It may vary for older versions or products.


  • While the screen is zoomed in, you can pan the image by placing three fingers on the screen and then moving them around. To adjust the zoom magnification, double-tap three fingers on the screen, and then slide them up or down.


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