How to Shrink to Fit in a PowerPoint

By Alan Sembera

Use auto-fit to quickly format your presentations.
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Fitting your text into a limited space on your presentation is much easier using the auto-fit feature. PowerPoint automatically reduces the text size to fit the allotted space, and even adjusts the size if you add or delete text later. The feature works for text placeholders, drawn shapes, and even SmartArt elements. You can apply auto-fitting to individual elements, or you can make it the program default. You can also automatically shrink or enlarge individual text boxes or shape to fit the exact size of your text.

Auto-Shrink Text or Shape

Step 1

Select the text box or shape that contains your text

Step 2

Right-click the border of the square outline and select "Format Shape."

Step 3

Select the square "Size & Properties" icon in the Format Shapes dialog box.

Step 4

Click the arrow next to "Text Box" to expand the settings.

Step 5

Click the button next to "Shrink Text On Overflow" to shrink your text to fit the box or shape.

Step 6

Click the button next to "Resize Shape to Fit Text" to shrink the box or shape to fit your text.

Set Shrink-to-Fit as Default

Step 1

Select "Options" from the File menu, and then select the "Proofing" tab.

Step 2

Click the "AutoCorrect Options" button, and then select the "AutoFormat As You Type" tab.

Step 3

Check the boxes next to "AutoFit Title Text to Placeholder" and "AutoFit Body Text to Placeholder."

Step 4

Click "OK" twice to save the changes and exit the Options screen.