How to Shrink to Fit Emails to Print in Outlook Express

By Leigh Thompson

Updated February 10, 2017

Many times you go to print a document or email and one or two lines appear on a second page. Instead of messing with the margins, use the shrink-to-fit option. The shrink to fit option for your printer prints all the text on a single page. This feature is also useful when printing an HTML email that uses tables as formatting. The shrink-to-fit option stops the table from being cut off on the right side and removes the need to use “Landscape” orientation. To use this feature, you must go into your printer preferences and enable it.

Open Microsoft Outlook Express.

Select the email you want to print.

Choose “File” on the top menu bar. Choose “Print” from the list of options.

Click the “Preferences” button. Select the “Effects” tab.

Check the box next to “Print Document On.” Check the box marked “Scale to Fit.”

Click “OK” and then “Print.”