How to Show a Superdrive on a Mac Desktop

by Maxwell Payne

The "Superdrive" is the name of the combination CD/DVD drive found on Apple computers, including the MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro. Many Superdrives are capable of writing or "burning" discs including CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. When not in use, the Superdrive is not visible on the desktop or in the "Finder" window. When needed, the drive becomes visible on the desktop, allowing shortcut access to the disc and its contents.

Turn on the Mac. For laptops such as the MacBook Pro and all-in-one desktops such as the iMac, the Superdrive is located on the right side of the casing. For the "Mac Pro" desktop computer, the drive is located on the upper section of the front panel.

Position the CD or DVD with the label side face up and gently push the disc into the Superdrive slot. You will feel the drive turn on and begin to pull the disc in.

Wait a few seconds. You will hear the drive start spinning the disc to read the disc contents. Go to the desktop either by using one of the "hot corners," moving your mouse cursor to one of the four corners of the screen or by clicking "Finder" in the "Dock" followed by "Desktop."

Look around the desktop for an icon of a CD. Depending on the contents or type of disc inserted, the icon will be a blank silver looking disc or a disc shaped image related to the disc contents. As long as the disc is inside the Superdrive, the drive will be viewable on the Mac desktop.


  • check Eject the disc by holding down the "Eject" key on the far right of the keyboard. You also can click on the Superdrive icon on the desktop and select "Eject."

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