How to Show Public Transit on Google Earth

By Naomi Bolton

Display public transit on Google Earth as a layer.
i Adam Berry/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Google Earth application enables you to view a 3D representation of the planet composed of satellite images and aerial photography. The application has different layers -- such as buildings, weather and borders -- that can be imposed on the globe for more information. The transportation layer displays icons for public transit such as airports, railways and subways. These icons indicate the location and routes of these transportation systems on the map. You can also click them to show more information, such as schedules.

Step 1

Launch the Google Earth application, and then close the Start-up Tip screen.

Step 2

Use the navigation tools on the right of the application or the Search box on the top left to locate the area of the globe for which you want to view the public transit information.

Step 3

Click the "Layers" button on the bottom left corner of the application.

Step 4

Click the arrow next to "More," and then click the check box next to "Transportation." This displays icons for all public transportation services, including buses, trains and airports.

Step 5

Click the arrow next to "Transportation" in the Layers section to display a list of all the transportation options. Click the check boxes next to the individual transportation types to show or hide these on the map.

Step 6

Click the transportation icons on the globe to view more information such as schedules and directions.