How to Show a List of Mac Address of Ports on Cisco

By Dean Lee

A network switch in use.
i network switch hosting cables image by willem169 from

Cisco switches have multiple ports and can have different MAC addresses associated with each port. It can be easy to lose track sometimes of which address is associated with each port, especially on larger switches. Thankfully, Cisco has a series of commands to verify configuration on its networking devices. One such command to show a list of MAC addresses of ports is the "Show mac address-table" command.

Showing a List of MAC Addresses on Ports

Connect the console cable to the CON port of the switch. Connect the other end to the COM port of the computer.

Use the virtual terminal software to access the switch. If the session screen is blank, plug the switch in to turn it on.

Press the Enter key to log in to the switch. It may be necessary to enter a password here.

Type "enable" to enter privileged exec mode. It may be necessary to enter a password here.

Type "show mac address-table" to show all the MAC addresses, what VLAN they are in and what port they are associated with.