Should I Use RG6 or RG59 Coaxial Cable for My 1080P Plasma TV?

By Jamie Resch

RG6 and RG59 are two types of coaxial cable.
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RG6 Provides Faster and Clearer Transmission

Coaxial cable allows you to hook a television to a source feed, such as a cable box or satellite receiver. RG6 is a thicker type of coaxial cable due to the fact that it contains a thicker wire and a greater amount of insulation within the cable. The additional thickness allows it to transmit more bandwidth with less signal interference. Since the signal transmission is faster and clearer, RG6 provides a superior option for hooking up a high-definition television to a high-definition source.

RG59 Provides an Adequate Analog Connection

As a lower-quality cable, RG59 is not recommended for use with high-definition cable or satellite systems. Nonetheless, RG59 cable can provide an adequate connection from an analog cable signal to a high-definition television. However, RG59 shows signal degradation when used in longer cable lengths and can break more easily if the cable becomes ruptured, such as with nails or staples.

Bottom Line

For high-definition systems, RG6 is an all-around better choice than RG59 cable. RG59 might be acceptable, but by no means preferred, in one instance: if the high definition television is connected directly to a nearby wall-mounted analog cable outlet.