How to Shorten a Video Using the YouTube Online Video Editor

by Melissa Worcester

YouTube allows you to share your personal videos online. The website allows users to edit content before it is uploaded. If you didn't press the button fast enough when you intended to stop recording, or you included some footage at the end showing the camera aimed at your foot. or said something embarrassing at the beginning that you really didn't plan to be part of the clip, you can edit your clip online at

Upload your video to YouTube. You will be able to edit the video once it is uploaded, and then you can save it as a copy.

Visit the YouTube Video Editor and select the "My Videos" tab.

Drag the video you want to edit down to the video editing panel. This is the blank rectangle below the area where your videos are displayed, next to a little video camera icon.

Hold your cursor of the video clip in the editing panel, and an icon shaped like scissors will appear. Click on the icon. A window will pop up that displays the video.

Drag one end of the story board frame to the desired location. If you want to cut frames from the beginning of the clip, drag the left-hand edge of the storyboard frame to the right. If you want to clip from the end, drag the right-hand edge of the frame to the left. Watch the video in the large top panel of the window as you drag. This will tell you when you've arrived at the location where you want to cut the video clip.

Click on the "Save" button when you are satisfied. If you decide you don't want to cut it, click on "Cancel." This will close the window.

Click on "Publish" at the top right-hand corner, above the large video panel, to publish your video.


  • check You can cut from the middle of the clip, if needed. Drag one copy of your clip and cut off the end of it by following the steps above. Then drag another copy to the story board, and cut the beginning part out. The video editor will seamlessly join the two portions. Play the video to see how it looks with a portion cut out of the middle.

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