How to Sharpen Blurry JPEGs

By Damarious Page

Awkward camera placement and movement can also cause blurry photos.
i Dynamic Graphics/Creatas/Getty Images

Photography enthusiasts use the JPEG photo format because it provides control over the size of the file. Digital photography stores image files on a memory card or some other type of limited storage media. If you capture photos in the JPEG format, you can potentially create extra storage space for newer photos, because JPEGs automatically reduce in size when going through snapshot and editing process. Unfortunately, this compression in the size of the photo might also create a blurry image. If you have the Windows operating system, you can use a native photo editing utility that can potentially sharpen the image.

Click "Start" (Windows circle) in the bottom left corner of the desktop. Type "Live Photo" in the search box at the bottom of the Start menu. Press "Enter" to open Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Click on "All Photos and Videos" in the left pane to access the photo files stored under your user account name in Windows 7. Select the "Picture" library and wait for the contents of this folder to appear in the center pane. Scroll down to browse though the list of photos. Double-click on the JPEG photo after locating it, which transitions WLPG to open the photo and activate Edit" tab.

Click "Adjust Detail" in the right pane to expand those options.

Pull the slider under "Sharpen" from left to right to increase the sharpness of the photo.

Click the "Close File" icon on the Edit tab at the top of WLPG to automatically save the changes to the photo.