What Is the SharePoint OpenDocuments Class Add-On?

By Adrian Grahams

Microsoft Office SharePoint collaborative working software gives multiple users access to shared documents and files stored on a server. The program’s OpenDocuments Class add-on gives lets users create or edit documents from templates stored on the SharePoint server, saving the time and effort of creating and formatting each new document from scratch.

About SharePoint

SharePoint is a server-based enterprise application used for document management, Web content management and customer relationship management. Part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, SharePoint integrates with other Office programs, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and the Microsoft Access database program. With SharePoint, individuals work together as a team by accessing, editing and updating shared documents. Each user accesses SharePoint sites via the Web browser on his computer.

OpenDocuments Function

The SharePoint OpenDocuments Class add-on works in the background on the Web browser, and most users access this function without even knowing that it’s running. Each time you use SharePoint to open a new template document, or access an existing document based on a template, such as a Microsoft Word file or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or workbook, SharePoint launches the OpenDocuments Class add-on in your Web browser.

Add-On Problems

Microsoft reports that some users encounter an OpenDocuments Class add-on error message when trying to create or edit documents on a SharePoint site. The error occurs after a Web browser update or computer operating system upgrade, if the SharePoint Open Class add-on isn’t enabled by default on the new version of the browser. Until you’ve resolved the browser add-on problem, you won’t be able to create and edit documents on SharePoint.

Troubleshooting Add-Ons

Troubleshoot and fix the OpenDocuments Class add-on error by tweaking your Web browser’s settings. In Edge or Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu and select the Manage Add-Ons utility. Enable the SharePoint OpenDocuments Class option and also enable the Microsoft Office plugin or addon.