How to Share a Screen With a Remote Desktop Connection

By D. Wright

Knowing how to use a remote desktop connection on your PC is essential for a number of reasons. For example, you may want to show someone how to perform a certain task on their computer but are far away. Or you may want to perform maintenance or tests on certain computers in your network but do not want to physically go to every computer and perform the task. In addition, you can also share your screen (i.e. your desktop) with someone if you would like to show them information stored on your PC.

Enabling Remote Desktop

Step 1

Click and hold the "Windows Key" as well as the "R" key. This will cause the "Run" dialog box to display. Type "systempropertiesremote" into the dialog box, and click "Enter."

Step 2

Click the "Remote" tab, and check the box next to "Allow Remote Assistance Connections To This Computer" if it is not already checked. Underneath the "Remote Desktop" section, click the radio button next to "Allow Connections From Computers Running Any Version of Remote Desktop (less secure)" if it is not already selected.

Click "OK" to enable Remote Desktop on your computer. If Remote Desktop is not enabled on the computer you will be sharing your desktop with, instruct them on how to enable "Remote Desktop" as well. In addition, your computer as well as the computer you will be sharing with must be connected to the Internet or your network.

Using Remote Desktop

Step 1

Click "Start," and click "All Programs," "Accessories," and click "Remote Desktop Connection."

Step 2

Type the name of the computer you want to share your desktop with in the "Computer" field (if you do not know the name of the computer you are wanting to connect to, ask the other person the name of their computer. If they do not know, they can find it in the Welcome Center in the Start menu). Alternatively, you may type the IP address of the computer instead of the computer's name.

Type the name of your computer, user name, password, and domain if it is needed. Click "Connect." You will now connect to the person you are wanting to share your desktop with. You can now share anything that is on your computer with the other person all in real time.