How to Share With Quicken

by Jackie Lohrey
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Quicken file sharing becomes an issue when two (or more) Quicken users require access to Quicken files, or when you have two computers and require access to Quicken using either computer. Unfortunately, Intuit discourages using Quicken in a network or on a shared drive and cautions that using Quicken in this way can lead to data integrity issues. To share with Quicken, the best idea is to install Quicken software on each computer you intend to use, and share Quicken using a backup and restore strategy.

Install Quicken

Step 1

Install Quicken 2007 or later editions on up to three computers in your household, or purchase additional copies of the software to install on computers you do not own.

Step 2

Follow the installation wizard instructions using the product key on the installation CD to identify the software as belonging to you. If you purchased Quicken as a download product, log in to your "My Downloads" account and download the software to the appropriate computer.

Set Quicken profile information. To ensure all computers display the same profile, access Quicken setup on the main computer and establish profiles on remaining computers using the same settings. Access Quicken setup by selecting "Tools" on the main menu and then click "Go to Setup" to view profile information.

Back up Quicken Information

Step 1

Insert a USB flash drive into a USB port and then select "Save Copy or Backup" from the "File" tab of the main menu. Select the location of the Flash drive and select "Backup Copy." This is the easiest and most portable backup media.

Step 2

Click the "File" tab on main menu, then click "Save Copy or Backup."

Step 3

Click "Backup Copy," "Local Backup," then navigate to the USB drive location.

Step 4

Click "Save Right Now," type in a descriptive name or enter the date for your back up and then click "Save."

Remove the USB flash drive and insert it in a second computer to begin the restore process.

Restore Quicken Information

Step 1

Click "File" from the main menu, and then click "Restore Backup File."

Step 2

Navigate to the USB drive location, click "OK" and select the backup file.

Click "OK" to begin the restore process.


  • Installing Quicken on more than three computers, or on any computer not part of your household, is a violation of the license agreement.


  • When using a backup and restore strategy to share information, keep in mind that information will only be as current as of the last backup. Communication and an action plan are key to prevent confusion and duplicate or missing data. The more active users are in entering information into Quicken, the more often you should be backing up and restoring information.
  • Quicken stores product download information in your "My Downloads" account for three years following the date of purchase.
  • Another idea to consider is sharing formation by using Quicken's free online money management program. While this program is not as robust as Quicken, it works much the same.

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