How to Share a Printer on a LAN

By Contributor

Updated December 12, 2019

How to Share a Printer on a LAN. Sharing a printer with another computer across a network is a requirement in almost all company and home networks. Sharing a printer saves money, time and space as well as boosting productivity. Setting up your network printer only takes a few minutes and basic computer knowledge.

Install the printer on the network server or domain controller by using the setup wizard found under "Printers and Faxes" then clicking on "Add a Printer."

Select the "Properties" option after right-clicking on the New Printer icon in the printers and faxes console. Click on the "Sharing" tab and highlight "Share This Printer." Fill in the share name field with the identity you have selected for this printer.

Add additional drivers that may be required for other computers on your network. Click on "Additional Drivers" and place a check next to each driver you need. Click "OK."

Install the printer on other network computers by opening the Printers and Faxes console. Click on "Add Printer" this will open the printer installation wizard. Click "Next" and select "Network Printer" before clicking "Next" again.

Highlight "Browse for a Printer" and click "Next" to bring up a list of all available printers. Highlight the printer you wish to add and click "Next."

Finalize the installation by clicking "Finish." Send a test page to the printer from the computer to verify it is working properly by right clicking on the printer icon. Choose "Properties" and click "Print a Test Page."